An Inside Job

So – welcome to our very first blog for The Lady Lock “Lock In.” It’s lovely to have you here! This is our little sister site, which will be filling up with loads of articles and teasers in the run up to the big reveal of the brand new Lady Lock website in around a fortnight.

But, for now, I thought I would introduce you to what inspired me to create the Lady Lock small business mentoring scheme in the first place, and get you nice and settled in ready for our next HUGE post that is coming at 6pm tonight. Trust me, you do not want to miss this evenings reveal! And, in the meantime, remember you can register for updates (and freebies) on our brand new site in the making by clicking ‘join the party’ above and registering with your email address!

Sitting at home, loving my family and new house, was a beautiful experience. Especially as I had worked my corporate socks off for the last twenty years and the break in employment to have another baby at 40 was very much needed. There was just this thing bothering me…  a constant desire to create my own dream job, but not knowing how to create it, or what it truly looked like was a major stumbling block!

It felt like a pie-in-the-sky, frivolous idea to be honest. The reality of having to re-enter the rat race was looming heavily in the distance. Yet my idea wouldn’t go away! For all dedicated parents (membership of 23 years and counting), putting your children first is your default setting when making important personal and professional decisions. Still having a pre-schooler myself meant juggling this conundrum on a daily basis. I still wanted the best for my little one and a great job! The two together are hard to find.

Again my brain ramped up the old imagination…. .I knew I had to be at home. I did already have some spare time – but how could I use the skill sets I had acquired over my working life and what did I really love doing the most?’ That’s when I started to dream about the vision of helping others from the comfort of my own sofa! I guess my business started that day as I began to mentor myself – pulling my ideas and skill sets together, doing a ton of research and networking a lot, looking for potential opportunities to link into.

Finding people to actually work with was not going to be easy! Who was going to trust a nobody? I had no previous clients from a creative industry background but what did I have that was different to anyone else? What made me unique? I kept bumping into online self-help downloads and promises of ‘watch this live Workshop and all your prayers will be answered!’ The reality was carrot dangling information, and “Buy my book now! The answers are all in there!” Which are all fine in their place.

But how could a one-size-fits-all coaching approach help me? I had gathered some really weird qualifications and hobbies over the years! I wanted real people to talk to, with time for me, and support when I wanted to throw my laptop out of the window, or just a kind word of support and direction when I had come to a dead end or lost motivation. Someone to suggest the right advice at the right time for me. Someone that I felt actually cared and wasn’t just interested in cashing in.

So, driven by frustration, I had found something that I felt wasn’t out there. A unique way of mentoring small creative businesses and tailoring things to them and their needs. I offered two talented ladies the opportunity of a lifetime! (you gotta fake it till you make it right?) They gave me the feedback I so badly needed and, in return, I got to create Lady Lock Designs and my bespoke small business mentoring scheme that has now grown and grown.

 Now, I am nearly one year in and I am about to expand and turn my dreams into a reality. To say it’s not been hard work would be a lie, but it’s hard work that I’ve loved! The rewards I experience are real and long lasting. Seeing others improve their businesses and achieve their aspirations is a massive honor and a huge sign that I am doing a great job. I am ready for the next chapter and the exciting journey that will come with it.

Want to come with me and develop your business? Then you should join me!

Lady Lock


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