Finishing Touches: The 3 Most Important Ways to make your Work Stand Out Online


My name is Mrs B from Mrs B’Spoke Gifts and I like to say I have an eye for details.  My aim is to create gifts that make people feel special so today I will be sharing some tips on making ‘Something Special’.

The difference between a decent crafter and a fantastic handmade artist is often in the details.  Get the little touches right and it will lift your piece from being ‘Ok’ to being truly loved and really get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Quality Materials

The customer can always tell when you’ve used cheap materials or cut corners.  If they don’t notice in your photos, they will feel let down when they open their new item and start to examine your work.  The best materials – paints, picture frames, pens, fabrics will give your feat of creative genius that polished finish that takes you from a crafter to a professional.


If you are selling online then your photos are what is going to sell your work.

It is your product photography that will make them stop scrolling past on social media, and it will be your pictures that convince them to hit the ‘buy’ now button.  If you are making good quality products you need to be showcasing them in the same way.

There is a lot that goes into photography and that’s why Lady Lock offers bespoke one-off sessions  to give you some pointers and a full development and editing service to their mentoring scheme members but I will try to give you some highlights!

Getting a great photo:

  • Try to use natural light, or get a light box. Make sure anything you post is never dark, dull or too harsh. Most importantly the focus has to be sharp, so whatever device you are using keep checking your images by zooming in to make sure it’s a quality shot.


  • Your background sets the feel of your photo. It must fit with your brand and could be a way of making your photos recognisable.  Make sure it’s not distracting or messy!


  • You can style your piece on the same background many different ways. Think props, positioning and angles.  Try to show your work as it is intended to be used and this is your chance to show the scale. Getting close to show detail is fine but off set that with a second image of it in situ.


  • Do not miss this step. This is when you take your images up a notch.  Cropping, correcting white balance, adjusting brightness and contrast can make your shots ‘pop’.  Just don’t take it too far! Don’t use weird effects or filters – you don’t want to change your photos just enhance them.

14389004_10154410279614627_1695246150_nPresentation & Packaging

A gorgeous little sticker on the outer parcel to let them know this one’s from you, a lovely little box inside, tied with a ribbon with your business name on it.  Inside the box, quality tissue paper protects their new piece of amazing work.

These are the little things that make people get excited all over again, adding that special feeling to the buying experience.  It’s what makes you the go to person for gifts, knowing that your items are already beautifully wrapped just ready to be gifted.

For help with your photography and advice on all aspects of your small business, remember Lady Lock has a unique and personal mentoring scheme full of talented artists and they love working with new members.  Or, if you’d like a short, one-off session – why not book a mentioned, taster session and see if they could help you find your Something Special?

Mrs B x

Written by Clare from Mrs B’Spoke Designs with Stephanie of Beyond Paper Stars, both of whom are members of the Lady Lock Small Business Mentoring Scheme. You can find Clare, and more photos showcasing her gorgeous eye for detail, here:


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